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Nussbaum Gleason is a full-service law firm representing religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Our focus is on First Amendment and religious freedom advocacy, commercial litigation, and issues related to real estate, entity structure and governance, employment, and intellectual property. From our offices in Colorado Springs, we serve clients in Colorado and around the country.

Our mission is to serve our clients brilliantly. This requires empathy formed by a willingness to learn, understand, and appreciate each client’s history, values, and aspirations. It requires a nuanced understanding of the law applied to a client’s particular circumstances. It requires virtue, good judgment, wise counsel, and fierce advocacy delivered quickly and efficiently. We strive for all of this in every representation.

Some of our clients take stances that conflict with prevailing political and cultural trends. Some find themselves in difficult situations. We do not shy away from our clients, their causes, or their challenges. We serve them diligently, advise them thoughtfully, and defend them against discrimination and unjust treatment.

Client Service: Our mission is to serve our clients with excellence, through skillful representation, diligent communications, and creative problem-solving.

Civility: In our personal and professional activities, we treat all persons with civility, professionalism, and dignity, consistent with our affirmation that every human person bears the imago Dei.

Protection of Conscience: Religious freedom – the freedom to believe and act based on the convictions of conscience – is among the most precious of American freedoms. It is available to all regardless of religious persuasion, and an inheritance that must be preserved and stewarded for the common good. We work to advance legal and constitutional protections for religious freedom – first for our clients, and thereby for all.

Ecumenism: We are a community of religious and religiously-minded people, and are united in our effort to serve our clients, honor and advance their missions, and protect and defend their rights. Regarding religious freedom in particular, we affirm with Dignitatis humanae that “the human person has a right to religious freedom” and that this freedom “has its foundation in the very dignity of the human person.”

Courage: Attorneys swear an oath to “never reject, from any consideration personal to [ourselves], the cause of the defenseless or oppressed.” In representing a client and advancing their interests consistent with the rule of law, we will never be cowed by external pressures, whether they be cultural, political, or economic.

Collegiality: We are a community of legal professionals carrying out a common mission to serve clients with excellence. We work together as a team, each of us fulfilling our own responsibilities and relying upon and supporting our colleagues in fulfilling theirs.

The Common Good: In serving our clients, we work for the betterment of society, the improvement of the legal system, and the good of our local civic and religious communities.  


We are located on the fourteenth floor of the First Bank Building in downtown Colorado Springs.


2 N. Cascade Ave., Suite 1430 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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